ActNonyme, l'identification anonyme

Actnet offers à la carte solutions, such as ActNonyme, to customers having particular confidentiality needs regarding security and performance. Our services, entirely centralized in Geneva through 3 remote Data Centres spread over more than 6 km and in a completely secured environment, guarantee the efficiency of critical application hosting.

The high security offered by Actnet services rests on two essential points: the infrastructure itself, and the network.


  • Our equipment is kept in "white" rooms, meaning that access to these private rooms is exclusively reserved for ActNet’s authorized personnel who are identified in a biometric way.
  • Video surveillance 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
  • Protection against fire (smoke detection and extinguisher system)
  • Double stabilized electrical network, uninterruptible, battery and generator-assisted with several days of autonomy
  • Air-conditioned system


    • No service interruption. Wiring system with different routing paths between components eliminates any single point of failure (SPOF) on the internet backbone.
    • Access to the network by numerous BGP connections. Private coupling with Swisscom
    • Clusters of servers high in availability with redundant fans and power supply. IBM BLADE CENTER technology and boot on SAN
    • Fiber-optic data storage insured by SAN or NAS technology. (2 SAN)
    • Daily and integral data saving
    • Surveillance and restoring of service available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
    • Guarantee and SLA on most ActNet services
    • 2 x active/active redundant Firewalls
    • 2 x Intrusion Detection System
    • Traffic monitoring: Netflow
    • Monitoring: Nagios with single-console Network + Host.