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Thanks to our detailed knowledge and years of experience with company specific internet technology, our engineers are capable of advising you in your choice and employment of a vast range of solutions adapted to your needs.

Equipped with broad experience, Actnet engineers supply a holistic solution for business continuity.

To avoid process interruptions and limit their negative impacts, we work with you to identify these threats, determine your requirements, all along with evaluating your current capacities. Our final goal is to conceive, implement and test the ongoing activity plan that perfectly fits your company needs.


High Availability

Our priority is to guarantee the highest and continuous level of availability by pre-emptively eliminating any risk of failure.

The ActNet solutions include material redundancy, replication, clustering and mirroring of data which allows you to reach the required levels of availability for your activity.


Built around your application, Actnet offers the implementation of a cluster or a bunch of several servers to ensure a high availability of service and to balance the network’s load.

If a server failure occurs while it is handling requests, the other cluster servers will react and automatically take over.

Load Balancing

Actnet offers Load Balancing which guarantees the availability of any application whose accessibility is considered essential to the company.

Load balancing evaluates availability and distributes traffic to share the loading between your servers while increasing its performance.

Data Replication

The replication of data proposed by ActNet allows duplication and synchronization of company data in 2 remote data centres to improve the reliability and the handling of breakdowns.