ACTNET SA, knowledge that aims to protect the private and financial spheres.

ACTNET SA, stemming from research in data protection, is a pioneer company in privacy data protection technology and the secret of sensitive data, in order to contribute to the protection of the fundamental right that is private life.

The control of our technological expertise ensures that this right is not compromised, most importantly during the outsourcing of data processing or during non-authorized access.

“Art. 13 Protection of the private sphere

1. Any person is entitled to the respect of his or her private and family life, of his or her place of residence, of his or her correspondences and relations which he or she establishes by mail and telecommunication.

2. Any person has the right to be protected against the excessive use of his or her own data"

                                Federal Constitution of the Swiss Confederacy

Actnet offers "à la carte" solutions, such as ActNonyme, to customers having particular confidentiality needs regarding security and performance. Our services, entirely centralized in Geneva through 3 remote Data Centres spread over more than 6 km and in a completely secured environment, guarantee the efficiency of critical application hosting.

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Our Open Source Solutions

Multilingual site, catalog, e-commerce, blogs, gallery, complex forms, the very large number of proposed extensions allow Joomla and Wordpress to develop a modern and efficient website with all mobile platforms compatibility. ActNet implements the design and customers can then make their update.

Joomla and WordPress have established themselves as the leaders for online content management systems updating websites via a web browser. They are all incredible systems, and can make creating a website quick and easy, no matter how little one knows about technology.

WordPress Joomla

Thanks to our detailed knowledge and years of experience with company specific internet technology, our engineers are capable of advising you in your choice and employment of a vast range of solutions adapted to your needs.

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